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Enagic News

July 2019

June Regional Contest Group Sales Winner

July 8, 2019

Congratulations to our June Winners!

                       8 Pts Group Sale 

                               8PTS                                6A

Luzon            Bernardita Lojo    Margarette Laxamana

Visayas        Ma. Virginia Lim           Rhoda Pinili

Mindanao    Raymond Reyes        Raymond Reyes

                            6A Group Sale

                        1st        Romeo Rosalinas

                        2nd       Jill Reprima

                        3rd       Carolina Manangan


                   New 6A and Above Achievers

                             Sammy Gerona 6A

                             Wilmer Pendoro 6A


Official Announcement

July 3, 2019

This is an official announcement that Enagic Philippines warned and have taken an action regarding the circulation of "discount sale" happened in Mindanao. Rest assured that this will not happen again.

All distributors MUST strictly follow the Enagic Distributor Handbook and policies and procedures.

Enagic Philippines - Management

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