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Customer First

Since its foundation, Enagic Inc. has been pursuing the best quality products and services under the principle of "Customer First". In accordance with our management philosophy, "True Health to the World", set forth in April 2009, we have been aiming at providing products that contribute to people's health and the global environment. All employees are expected to master high-level technology and proficiency in the processes of development, production and supply. This earnest attitude of the Enagic Group guarantees the quality of our products and their further improvement.

1. Customer first

Committed to the principle of "Customer First", we maintain careful and precise communication with our customers and provide products that contribute to their health.


2. Technical proficiency and collaboration

To acquire high-level technology and proficiency in its use, we exploit the collective strength of the company's skills and financial ability. In this way, the Enagic Group maintains a high level of quality and continues its efforts toward further improvement.


3. Kaizen

Based on the principle "there is always a room for further improvement", we promise our future development.


4. Compliance

We observe the legal regulations and standards necessary for our products and services. This is achieved by our constant pursuit of high ethical standards and new ways of thinking.

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