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Treat Yourself to a Warm Cup of Ukon Tea and Warm Your Soul!

Turmeric Tea has been used as a natural health remedy by the Ryuku Dynasty since 1429. Now you can take care of your body with a refreshing cup of this beloved ancient tea every single day. Enagic® has maintained the purity of this time-honored herb, keeping turmeric in its most natural state possible. Ukon® tea contains no preservatives, artificial colors, or additive substances.

  • Kangen Ukon® Tea can be served hot or cold.

  • Contains an abundant amount of cur cumin, cultivated in the northern part of Yanburu, Okinawa.

  • Easily enjoyed and full of natural, healthy benefits.

  • No preservative, artificial color, additive substance is used. Please enjoy as soon as possible after opening the package.

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