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Notice to Respondents: Enagic Philippines, Inc., The Originator,of this activity is solely responsible for its contents. Your response is voluntary and will be kept anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself or unless identification of a respondent is necessary to ensure compliance with, or investigate possible violations of, law or Enagic Philippines, Inc. Terms of Use. Enagic Philippines, Inc. will use your response in its sole discretion. If you are given an opportunity to submit free-form responses to the activity, please provide relevant and responsible responses; refrain from disparaging, offensive, harassing or otherwise inappropriate language; and refrain from including in your response your sensitive personal information or the sensitive personal information of any individual, any sensitive information of any kind (e.g., credit card or bank account information), and any confidential or proprietary information belonging to you or any other party. Your response will be processed and stored in our database; if you do not wish your response and the information it contains to be processed or stored, please do not respond to the Activity. Survey results may be stored and archived for future access and use by Enagic Philippines, Inc., Do not forward this survey without the permission of Enagic Philippines, Inc., and please contribute to its effectiveness by responding only once.

Your use of the Survey is subject to Enagic Philippines, Inc. Terms of Use, including but not limited to those relating to privacy, see 

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