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Enagic News
January 2023

PCHC Memo New Check Design Standards & Specifications

January 24, 2023


Dear Distributors,

Pursuant to the memo circular no. 3735 issued by PHILIPPINE CLEARING HOUSE CORPORATION, that all banks on the May 2, 2023 implementation date of the New Check Design Standard and Specification.
What are the changes?

1. Date should be written inside the box and must be written in a NUMERIC FORMAT.

  •  Correct > 01-24-2023

  • Incorrect > January 24, 2023

2. Peso (₱) sign is located before the Amount in Figures box.
3. Payer signature is in a boxed format instead of line.
All post-dated checks submitted to ENAGIC should be in the New Check Design Standards and Specification.

For your guidance please.

This will also be posted in our Enagic Facebook Page and will be sent thru SMS and email.

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