Electrolysis Enhancer – For SD501, DXII, JrII

Php 265

Box (24pcs) - 5,650

Net 400 grams per bottle / The solution maintains the optimal electrolysis condition, thanks to its unique refinement technology.

Diverter - New

Php 3,060


A faucet-mount shunt-integrated cock with a shower head, provided as standard equipment with the LeveLuk K8.

Adapter Set 

Set of 8 - Php 620

Adapters for mounting the integrated cock with shower to the faucet. 

Diverter -Metallic

Php 3,060

This metal diverter is long lasting, and heat resistant (for standard faucet mode).

Flexible Pipe - SD501 (White) 

Php 3,430

A long, flexible faucet provided as standard for attachment to the upper part of the main unit / • 480 mm in length / • For Kangen water

Flexible Pipe - Leveluk R (Silver Short)

Php 3,430

Flexible Pipe for Leveluk R

Flexible Pipe -Anespa (Silver Long)

Php 3,430

Flexible Pipe for Anespa

Flexible Pipe - SD 501PT (Silver Short)

Php 3,430

Flexible Pipe for SD501 PT

White Hose - 1M

Php 310

A white hose attached to the lower part of the integrated cock with a shower head in the LeveLuk series.

Gray Hose - 1M

Php 310

A gray hose attached to the lower part of the LeveLuk series.

Secondary Water Stand SD501, JR II, SD501PT

Php 620

Used as a faucet for attachment to the Secondary hose

pH Level Tester

Php 188

Used to test ph Level of water


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