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Enagic News

November 2019

Notice to the Public

November 6, 2019

It has come  to our attention  that some  of the  distributors of Enagic  Philippines,  Inc are engaged   in  certain  unauthorized  practices.  In  particular,  some   are  involved  in  an investment scheme whereby they solicit money  or "investments" from the public  with a promise of high  returns, using  Enagic water machines as a form of security to ensure payment.




The  public  is  hereby  informed  that Enagic has  not authorized anybody,   including its distributors,  to  solicit  investments  from  the  public.   Its  business is  limited  to  selling water treatment system through these  distributors. Enagic will therefore not honor  any claim for payment from anyone  who may have invested under the unauthorized scheme.




Enagic prides itself as a law-abiding corporate citizen that upholds the highest standards of governance and  ethics.  It assures the public  that it is conducting its own investigation into the matter and will take all the necessary legal steps against those  who use its name without its authority.




Therefore,  the  Public  is  advised   to  be alert and  vigilant with  these  types  of business practices.  Enagic  Philippines,  Inc.  strongly  reminds  to  consult and  report about any individuals offering an unauthorized  investment opportunity.

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