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Enagic News

March 2021

Notice to the Public Against the Purchase and Use of Fake Filters

March 26, 2021

Enagic Philippines, Inc. hereby advises the public against the purchase and use of the “fake filters” for use with Enagic LeveLuk Machines. Below are image comparison of authentic versus fake for reference.  

                              AUTHENTIC                                                              FAKE

Fake products, not having gone through the required “safety and quality control” of Enagic manufacturing, may have potential hazard to the consuming public/user. Use of it for Enagic LeveLuk machines may also results its warranty to be voided.


Therefore, the Public are warned not to purchase and use the fake filter. Enagic strongly reminds to report about anybody offering fake Enagic products or fake products as alternative accessories for Enagic LeveLuk machines, by sending us an email at


Enagic assures the public that it is conducting its own investigation into the matter and will take all the necessary steps against those who are selling Enagic fake products or fake accessories for Enagic LeveLuk machines. Thank you.

Enagic Philippines, Inc.

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