Enagic News
July 2021

New Procedure of Ukon Sigma & DD Capsule

July 30, 2021

Dear Valued Clients and Distributors,


As you may know,  Ukon  Sigma and DD Capsule product orders are sent directly to Kangen Foods in Japan.

Kangen Foods, Enagic International has decided to change the procedure of Ukon Sigma and DD Capsule orders for these 6 countries (UAE, Indonesia, Australia,  Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia (partially).

Starting August 1st, 2021  all distributors from mentioned countries must submit a new revised

Ukon application form (see attachment).


Prices and shipping fee are based on SGD (Singapore Dollar).


All registration of Ukon  Sigma and  DD Capsule must be submitted at  goc.phl@enagic.co.jp and Renewal application at   ukon-phl@enagic.ph


Should you have any questions, kindly email ukon-phl@enagic.ph or  marketing@enagic.ph


By: Enagic Philippines, Inc.