Enagic News

June  2020

GOC Memo For No Payment

June 17, 2020

Dear Enagic Distributors,

Here is a memo from Global Operation Center (GOC) for those sales without payment.

  1. All sale registered by GOC without payment will not be counted as a sale and for Step up, Bonuses and Educational Allowance.

  2.  NO SP status and machine/Ukon commission will not be processed for applications without payment.

  3. No machine/Ukon will be released.


We will cancel those accounts without payment on 6th business days after the every end of month finished. 

Above will reflect all 6As and other promotion as well as monthly/quarterly bonus too. 

However, once we get the payment after the time, we will unlock the cancellation.


You may now view the application status thru our website, www.enagicph.com | Application Status

For follow ups, please email us at marketing@enagic.ph


Enagic PH Phils