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November 2022

Daily 8-Point Business Accelerator Contest November

November 4, 2022


Dear Enagic Distributors,

We are happy to announce that the new contest was extended this November called the "Daily 8-Point Business Accelerator Contest".

​This contest is designed to help you and your team members rank up and earn some extra money.

Unlike other contests that we have held this contest will be closed daily. Each day, the top 20 distributors with the most 8 point sale will be receiving the bonus.

And since it's daily contest, there will be different winners everyday who will be receiving the bonus!

The contest prize and the rules are listed on the flyers.

For more information about the contest, please contact us at 8519-5508 or email us at

Thank you very much and let's stay unified to keep spreading true health to the world!

Please share! Thank you!

Enagic Global Sales HQ

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