ACCESSORIES (Bottles and Containers)

1 Liter Purple Color Water Bottle

500ML Blue Color Water Bottle

350ml Light Purple Water Bottle

5-liter bag •Heat resistance -15C - +75C •External weight resistance up to 80 kg /A convenient bag with a handle to transport a large volume of Kangen water or Acidic water.

A marine-blue spray with a more stylish look and compact size. Available in units as small as a single bottle / • Net 30 ml. per bottle

The latest compact sized spray / • Net 50 ml. per bottle / • 6 bottles per inner box

A compact, palm-sized spray / • Net 60 ml. per bottle

Press to dispense the desired volume. For hand-washing and/or Strong acidic water. • Net 500 ml. per bottle

2 LITER / A bottle for Strong acidic water or Strong Kangen water

The tip of the nozzle features a one-touch switch between the mist and jet spray types. For Strong acidic water • Net 500 ml. per bottle

Developed by: Val Jasme