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May 2022

6A Group Sales Contest (Campaign Period: May 1-31, 2022)

May 10, 2022

To Our Valued Distributors and Clients!

An exciting, first of its kind campaign from Enagic!

The Top 60 6A Global Achievers Win a Bonus Prize!

Accomplishing 6A rank is amazing and it is the first important step as a distributor. The 6A Group Sales Contest is helping 6A distributors create business momentum as they focus on ranking up to 6A2 and beyond! Now is the time to encourage your own group and team to focus on their business this month!

Eligible participants: All distributor accounts* registered as 6A on May 1, 2022.

*This contest is for 6A distributors, although any distributor with a 6A account can participate in this contest using a 6A account, even if they have higher ranking accounts.

6A distributors with the most Group Sales in May will be eligible to receive a bonus award for finishing in the top 60 distributorships in the world!


Ukon Sigma = 1 sale

Ukon DD = 1/3 sale

E-Payment Purchase = 1 sale

Self purchase is counted.


When the same distributor finishes with multiple contest positions, he/she will only receive a prize for the highest ranking position.


When multiple distributors have the same number of sales, the final rank will be determined by the dollar amount of product sold.


Tokurei distributors are eligible. However, they must fulfill their obligations as a Tokurei and convert to normal status by the end of the contest period to be eligible for any contest prize.


New Tokurei sales are not counted in the contest. However, new distributor sales registered underneath the Tokurei will be counted in the contest.


When there is a "6A and above distributor" in your downline, the Group Sales produced by the "6A and above distributor" will not count towards the upline 6A.

Unpaid sales will not count in this contest.

E8PA Sales* Count Accordingly:

Black Card - 8 Sales

Platinum Card - 6 Sales

Gold Card - 4 Sales

Silver Card - 2 Sales

Bronze Card - 1 Sale

*E8PA sales during contest only apply to 6A distributors with a valid E8PA card.

Outside of the contest, Bronze Card counts as 0.5 unit sales and Silver Card or higher counts as 1 unit sale.

"6A Group Sales" will include all sales from your downlines (even outside of 8-Points).